Choose Better People

Choose Better People

The Ugly Truth About Hiring

  • 40% of newly promoted managers and executives fail within 18 months - Source: Manchester, Inc.
  • 46% of U.S. hires must be classified as failures within their first 18 months (fired, pressured to quit, required disciplinary action, etc) - Source: Leadership IQ
  • 58% of new executives hired from the outside, fail in their new position within 18 months - Source: Michael Watkins
  • Nearly two-thirds of hiring managers come to regret their interview-based hiring decisions - Source: DDI
  • 65% lie on resumes - Source: The Risk Advisory Group
How many times have you read resumes, reviewed assessment reports, and interviewed a slate of job candidates, and still felt uncertain about deciding which would be the best fit on your team?

By focusing on 'teaming characteristics' instead of individual characteristics, the Technology of Teaming offers 'a new way to know' whether a prospective employee (or a potential successor) will be a productive contributor or a roadblock to success. Our TGI Teamability™ reports a low-cost, user-friendly, online source of reliable support for screening, selecting, and developing employees.

Because few employees work in isolation, team performance is the ultimate 'Quality of Hire' measure. Our role-based approach predicts how and where a person is most likely to succeed on a team, gives key advice for teambuilding, and highlights areas of concern.

The Technology of Teaming has been singled out in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law as an assessment that is in compliance with ADA regulations, and free of gender, age, or racial bias.

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