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Build Better Teams and Drive Better Performance with a Role-Based Assessment

  • TGI Teamability™ A new way to know... -Who will fit in a job, on a team, in an organization-with the least risk. -Why some are productive and others bring problems and create obstacles. -How to put a team together for best outcomes and maximum value. -What actions to take to remedy team and organizational performance problems.
  • Team Building Designed from its very beginnings to measure 'teaming characteristics'— the "technology of teaming" offers significant business value in hiring and developing employees, works extremely well in matching people to the functional mission of their team, and is also effective in analyzing and solving team performance problems.
  • A Creative New Approach The completely new "technology of teaming" is not derived from personality or IQ testing, from EQ, strengths, or engagement surveys, or from any other familiar tools or methods. Although those measurements are very well documented, personality factors do not predict the quality of a person's behavior on a team.
  • Coherent Human Infrastructure As a natural extension of our focus on how people behave in teams, methods for evaluating and strengthening an organization's human infrastructure have been developed. These measures of Coherent Human Infrastructure™ quality are the CHI Indicators™. CHI Indicators are the basis for innovative, high-value management consulting and organizational development services.

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With Build Better Teams, you can easily streamline your hiring operations to find the most successful people for your organization quickly and efficiently. And you can learn about how YOU team now!

Choose Better People

By focusing on teaming characteristics instead of individual characteristics, the technology of teaming offers a new way to know whether a prospective employee will be a productive contributor or a roadblock to success.

Build Better Teams

Quantify a range of predictable individual and group performance variables such as Coherence, Role, Teaming Characteristics, Job-Fit and Role-Pairing.

Drive Better Performance

Evaluate and strengthen your organization's human infrastructure. Take measures of Coherent Human Infrastructure™ quality and CHI Indicators™ that predict workplace performance in qualitative terms that managers can readily apply in determining job-fit.

I wasn’t really convinced that these assessments would work. But then I saw how valuable RBA can be in guiding decisions about people, and now I’m a true believer!Michael O’Neill - Preferred, Inc.

I am familiar with the assessment that is done by Right, and others, and frankly, the TGI assessment really does take it to a new, conceptually important level of Human Infrastructure cohesiveness and effectiveness.Larry Evans - Right Management Consultants

I have realized how important and valuable it is to hire an individual based on Role and Coherence. Never again will we waste time or money hiring, training, and paying someone who is not the right fit.Ethan Capri, CPA - Capri Associates

We already had a pretty good team, but using RBA made it much better...and it keeps on getting better. Now Montana HR is being called a great place to work, and people from other organizations want to come here!Joe Schopfer - State of Montana