Drive Better Performance

Drive Better Performance

As a natural extension of our focus on how people behave in teams, TGI has developed methods for evaluating and strengthening an organization's human infrastructure. These measures of Coherent Human Infrastructure™ quality are the CHI Indicators™ (pronounced 'key' or 'chee' as in 'life-force').

CHI Indicators predict workplace performance in qualitative terms that managers can readily apply in determining Job-Fit, and also in quantitative terms that facilitate effective diagnosis and repair of team performance problems. Role-Ratios™, obtained by aggregating Technology of Teaming report data, are the foundation of the primary CHI Indicators: Coherence Ratio™ and Role Distribution™.

CHI Indicators are the basis for innovative, high-value management consulting and organizational development services. Together, the Technology of Teaming reports and CHI Indicators enable organizations of every size and type to turn groups of individuals into high-performance teams.

Basic and Advanced Training in the use of The Technology of Teaming and CHI Indicators has been approved by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) for continuing education credit. We welcome your inquiries.

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